In brief :  intervention and support

Additional intervention and support

Interventions are provided on a needs-led basis as required.  The estimated number of sessions for the intervention will be agreed prior to the start of any input.  We work in a targeted individualised manner addressing specific issues with a focus on affecting positive change.  Interventions are charged at a rate of £150.00 per hour.

Training sessions for school staff typically last 3 hours and are charged at a rate of £450.00.

For schools

  • post-diagnosis education for staff
  • training packages
  • strategies for developing social and communication skills
  • behavioural support

Intervention and support

Following diagnosis, we are able to provide intervention and support if this is required.  The available interventions include:

  • ​working with the adult and partner/ spouse/ friend to explain diagnosis and implications of the disorder as well as therapeutic interventions available. 
  • meeting with the family (including siblings) to explain the diagnosis and implications of the disorder, 
  • working with parents to instigate behavioural changes at home,
  • ​working with parents to make suitable choices for school placement and to understand the education system,
  • liaise with the school to set goals and provide advice on strategy/resources, 
  • school staff training - tailored to specific requirements, either covering a basic understanding of the condition and relevant management strategies or more advanced teaching for those familiar with ASD, ADHD, OCD etc.
  • provision of advice and support to local teams to implement child specific programmes,
  • communication intervention,
  • cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT),
  • behavioural interventions as well as: All About Me and Narrative Therapy
  • ​social skills training, and socially thinking / PEERS intervention - 10 weeks course 

for professionals

  • second opinions
  • training
  • supervision
  • feedback on ASD assessments
  • ADI-R and ADOS - 2 training 
  • reliability checks on ADI-R and ADOS-2

For families

  • post-diagnosis education for family members
  • psychological interventions
  • family support
  • advice and guidance regarding schooling
  • communication programmes
  • ​behavioural interventions